Lost in a Little Town began as a way for founder Kyle Chessman to support a good friend following a snowmobile wreck. After the charity event, Kyle decided that it was something he enjoyed doing and wished to continue with to help promote local bands.

Following the death of Gord Downie, Kyle felt that his event was an opportunity to continue the support of local charities while showcasing local bands, and so “Lost in a Little Town” was born.

Lost in a Little Town is an annual charity based event where all artists and venues are paid and the remaining profits are donated to a local family or not-for-profit organization in need. GRB Promotions strives to gain sponsorships from local businesses to help keep costs down and ticket prices affordable, while still being able to put on a great show and donate some money.

In 2018 Lost in a Little Town proceeds were donated to the Eastons of Lindsay to help their sick little boy, as well as the Lindsay Rugby Club.

Proceeds from the 2019 Lost in a Little Town concert were donated to 5 Counties Children’s Centre, as well as the Lindsay Rugby Club once again.

This year, donations from the 2020 Lost in a Little Town show will be given to One Roof Peterborough, an organization that helps feed and warm the homeless, which is a major issue here in Peterborough.

GRB Promotions would like to thank everyone for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the show!